New Epic Duels game confirmed!

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It's official, there's going to be a new Epic Duels game out soon (current information suggests July 2009). There's not much more to go on at this point, other than it appears to contain only six single characters (much like the Transformers Duel game had only eight single characters.

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Thanks to Hags888, who conjectures, "maybe we should all just stick to our customs."

Re: New Epic Duels game confirmed!

One of the attendees of the 2009 Toy Fair in NYC, has been posting some comments about the new Epic Duels game.  You can see another picture of the promo box as well.  Here are some of his comments thus far:

"But, for me, the most fun of the day was learning that Hasbro is publishing a new edition of Star Wars Epic Duels.  This version will apparently streamline the gameplay, and I don't have any details on what that means yet -- but I had so much fun with the original Epic Duels (my pick as the #3 best board game of 2002) that I'm thrilled to see it is coming back in whatever form."

I posted a comment and he replied back with:

"I was told that it “streamlines” the gameplay, which I took to mean that it “simplifies” the gameplay. And there were only six figures visible in the box, but I don’t think that was necessarily the final box design. Plus, there could be additional figures not seen through the plastic. Or perhaps they will sell it like the Galactic Heroes games that are currently available — different characters in different boxes. With six characters per box, three different boxes would provide 18 characters. (This is just speculation.) As soon as I have more concrete information, I will definitely post it."

And lastly, he described the game as follows:

"For 2 to 4 players, ages 6 and up.

This is a streamlined version of a game that was first released in 2002 (also titled Star Wars Epic Duels). I absolutely adore the original version, so I'm thrilled that its getting another chance with characters from the Clone Wars universe. More information was not immediately available."

And here is the precious link to another image of the promo box cover:

Clone Wars Epic Duels Box Cover

Original Blog Posting by Erik Arneson

I seriously hope that I am proven wrong, and this game turns out to be as rich in gameplay as the original.  July won't come soon enough!

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Re: New Epic Duels game confirmed!

Any hope the "streamlining" could refer to modular play, like a few custom bounty hunter decks?

Re: New Epic Duels game confirmed!

I'd say about as much hope as seeing more than six characters or that this game is an expansion to Epic Duels (2002).

Still, something is better than nothing. /blindoptimism

~You're only young once, but you can be immature forever.

Re: New Epic Duels game confirmed!

I agree with Sultan.  The 6 and up age label is a big give-away that this will not be the same game (if it was, it'd have the 8 and up label).  My hope is that it is not THAT dumbed down...but we'll never know until we either get some beta testing reports posted somewhere, or until it's actually released in July.

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Re: New Epic Duels game confirmed!

I just started reading this book, and it says that randomness (as opposed to strategy) as the major factor used to determine a game outcome will not appeal to players beyond about age 7 or 8.

This could be an indicator of how the game has been simplified (strategy is even less a factor now) or it could indicate that whomever stamps that age range on a game decided to re-evaluate the age-appropriateness of the current mechanic (which is already decently random).

~You're only young once, but you can be immature forever.

Re: New Epic Duels game confirmed!

Huh.  Well, I actually played the original game with a 6/7 year old (my cousin-in-law) several years ago, and it was more than he could handle.  His brother and cousin played also, and they were about 12 at the time and LOVED it.  We played for several years every Christmas.  By the time the youngest was about 8/9 he had picked it up and was a pro, but as the older kids approached 14/15 they were growing tired of it (and of board games in general...they were more interested in video games).

So, from my experience I would still say the "6 and up" label, and the report of it being "streamlined" are two huge red flags that say this game is being dumbed down for younger kids.  Because at 6/7, he was in first/second grade and just learning to read, and could handle "Draw a card", but could not handle the verbage on "Force Lift."

So, I would hypothesize that we'll see decks that are more "Draw a card,"  "Move Dooku up to 5 spaces", and "Choose and discard 2 cards."  As opposed to the effects on Force Lift, Calm or other more complicated cards.

Sultan, the book you reference may be true in terms of market research, but my own experience suggests otherwise.  My optimism hopes you're right though. :)

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Re: New Epic Duels game confirmed!

I posted this on the forum too, but the release date for the new Epic Duels has been pushed back to early 2010.  Hopefully this is a good thing...maybe they've decided to take it in a new "non-dumbed down" direction?

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