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Palamon's Jaina & Jacen Solo Deck

Based heavily on Darth Trumpetus' entry to the DaD II Contest, here is a smoothly ... Read More

DT Duels: Aayla Secura

Here is the latest DT Duels deck: Aayla Secura.  This deck has been completely redesigned from the ground up, and exists as the 4th or 5th deck version for this character.  The new deck h ... Read More

E-WEB Trooper & 2 Snowtroopers

This is a minor modification of Rich Pizor's text deck. I changed the TARGETING COMPUTER card. Other than that, it is his deck. ... Read More

Dorkistan Deck: IG-88

The story of IG-88's creation is one of the few saving graces of Kevin J. Anderson's written works. ... Read More

DT Duels: Destroyer Droids

This deck is another revision of an older deck of mine.  The original existed more as an experiment with how to handle shields.  What resulted was a second "HP Track" called the Shield Tr ... Read More

DT Duels: General Grievous

This is the first revision and first addition to the new DT Duels collection.  I am in the process of updating and revising all of my old decks, which includes: tweaked cards, new cards, new a ... Read More

Lumiya - Shadow Lady of the Sith

Lumiya has a long and storied career, first as a rebel pilot, then as one of a long line of doomed love interests of Luke Skywalker, then as an Imperial spy, then as Darth Vader's apprentice, then ... Read More

Dorkistan Deck: Grand Moff Tarkin - Now With More Quote Action!

For sheer ruthlessness, I don't think there's a single mainstream Star Wars character that rivals Wilhuff Tarkin. ... Read More

Dorkistan Deck: General Grievous the Seriously Painful

Before he appeared in the movies, GG (we're close like that), was revealed as the next big villain of the Star Wars franchise. ... Read More

Dorkistan Deck: Even Piell: The Pink Yoda

Even Piell is a grizzled, wizened old Jedi constantly under media scrutiny as being the albino Yoda. Seriously. ... Read More

Ty Lee and Mai

A childhood friend of Azula, Ty Lee ran away from home to join the circus in order to establish her own identity distinct from a multitude of otherwise identical sisters.  Her exceptional agil ... Read More


Princess of the Fire Nation and sister to Prince Zuko, Azula is one of the most gifted Firebenders ever to emerge.  She controls not only fire, which burns a hotter blue, but also lightning, t ... Read More


Though blind and only twelve years old, Toph is nevertheless the greatest Earthbender ever to live, having mastered not only the manipulation of stone but also metal, long thought to be impervious ... Read More


Suki is the leader of the warriors of Kyoshi Island, a proud military tradition of exclusively female soldiers.  Though bending is not part of their formidable arsenal, they more tha ... Read More


Zhao is an officer in the Fire Nation Military, rising in the ranks to become an Admiral for the siege of the Northern Water Tribe.  A Master Firebender, his lack of discipline and control som ... Read More

Katara and Sokka

Katara is a waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe who was the first to befriend Aang after his emergence from the iceberg.  Though not as naturally gifted at bending as Aang, her persistence ... Read More

Prince Zuko and Iroh

Zuko is a Fire Nation Prince whose brashness earned him the disgrace of exile.  He is consumed by "regaining his honor," which he believes may only be done by capturing the Avatar.  He is ... Read More

Aang and Appa

Aang is the latest in a long succession of Avatars, powerful benders who exist to maintain balance among the Four Nations as well as between the Spirit and Natural Worlds.  Due to an accident, ... Read More

Incredible Hulk

Here is a deck for the Incredible Hulk.  This deck was created by megaswfan over a year ago, though he never posted its completed form.  I am currently playtesting this deck against the o ... Read More

Dorkistan Deck: Darth Maul (aka Darth "Aptly Named")

Darth Maul's character in Episode I is fairly one dimensional, as is his standard Epic Duels deck. ... Read More

Batman & Robin DECK

Batman is the gadgeteer like Boba in the Hasbro set. He uses his batarangs extensively, so I wanted him to be a shooter. I added x2 MARTIAL ARTIST to capture that melee prowress he embodies as well. ... Read More

Dorkistan Deck: Bultar Swan

One of the more obscure Jedi, Bultar Swan was one of the few to survive the Clone Wars, only to be take out by one of her own during the ... Read More

Dorkistan Deck: Aurra Sing - Sang, Sung.

You just know Aurra Sing was Lucas's attempt at recreating the Boba Fett phenomenon: tough-ass looking bounty hunter, check; barely any screen time (just enough to titilate the kiddies), check; ret ... Read More

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